Dark Chocolate Rose Swirl Cone

Vickie & Dan, The Gherkin, 2012.

“I have been visiting Sweet As for around a year now and love their cakes more than anything. They are now my go-to place when I need birthday cakes and basically any type of celebration cakes for that matter. I most recently put my total trust in them to design and make my wedding cake. It was perfect and a real focal point of my wedding day. I don’t think there was one person that didn’t comment on it and take photographs. It truly was a work of art! It tasted equally as good. So many compliments, I only wish I’d have thought to grab some of their business cards to give out. I’d just like to say a huge thank you for helping to make my perfect day even better.”

This cone cake is made in a specialist cone shaped mould  The chocolate cake is baked and cooled then added to the mould  layer by layer alternating with liquid chocolate ganache. The whole thing is left upside down for 12 hours to set into shape. We then remove the cake from the mould and decorate with more ganache until set. Chocolate ganache rose swirls are then individually piped onto the cone.

This size caters for 200 guests.